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Hey Guys

I`m looking for a maplet that shuts down the entire program. A maplet that interrups the following steps and goes back to the beginning of the program.

Thanks for answers



I'm trying to display a list value in a maplet. But I can only manage to get textboxes, checkboxes and textfields. I know that in textfields I can display the evaluation of a function, but I tried many different ways and I still don't get the desired result. 

I designed a maplet with a button and 6 rows with a checkbox at the end of each row. When clicking the button I would like that the values of a list ("lstx", 6 values) are displayed in the 6 rows. Can you help me? thanx!!


in my programm I've got a maplet with 6 CheckBoxes, but I can't manage to get the true/false-values in a list to use them. I think I should define a list, I tried:




      [CheckBox['CB1](), "Box1"],

      ....for all 6 boxes...


lstW:=['CB1','CB2',...for all 6 boxes];


But all I get is: Error, `:=`unexpected. 

Hy, I am trying to design a game with maple. For that I simulated the 6 rolls with the random function. Now I'd like to display them on 6 different buttons. I desgined the buttons, but I can only manage to get a fixed expression on them (like "dice"), but no variable. My idea is to take the element of a list (6 rolls in one list) and display it on the button. Can anybody help me please? Thanx!

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