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"My friend George Mallory… once did an inexplicable climb on Snowdon. He had left his pipe on a ledge, half-way down one of the Liwedd precipices, and scrambled back by a short cut to retrieve it, then up again by the same route. No one saw what route he took, but when they came to examine it the next day for official record, they found an overhang nearly all the way. By a rule of the Climbers' Club, climbs are never named in honour of their inventors, but only describe natural features. An exception was made here. The climb was recorded as follows: 'Mallory's Pipe, a variation on route 2; see adjoining map. This climb is totally impossible. It has been performed once, in failing light, by Mr G. H. L. Mallory.'." -- "Goodbye to All That", Robert Graves

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Those kind of wild values in the Matrix look similar to what can happen when the Maple kernel thinks that the installed Maple license is not valid.

There have been a small number of reports in which a valid license (eg. Maple 2019.1 or below) may get incorrectly recognized. It's possible that yours is such a case.

You could contact Maplesoft's Technical Support for advice.

Have you considered uploading a worksheet that reproduces your input to solve, as an attachment on your original or a Reply/Comment?

ps. I changed your Post to a Question.

@Carl Love Thanks for the reminder. I've re-attached it as a .zip file.

@Rouben Rostamian  

Was not 2008 the last year for the US penny reverse image that you've used? From 2010 to date the "Union Shield" design is used.

Fwiw, you can also use the Import command to pull in the images.

(Sorry, my exported .gif doesn't look as sharp as it does in the GUI. I didn't have patience to wait on the Mapleprimes uploader.)




kappa := 1.52/(19.05/2):

p1o:=plot3d(piecewise(x^2+y^2<=1,0,undefined), y=-1..1, x=-1..1, image=rev):

p1 := plottools:-transform((x,y,z)->[x,-y,z])(p1o):

p2 := plot3d(piecewise(x^2+y^2<=1,kappa,undefined), y=-1..1, x=-1..1, image=obv):

p3 := plottools:-cylinder([0,0,0], 1, kappa, strips=100, capped=false, color="PeachPuff"):

plots:-display([p1,p2,p3], scaling=constrained, axes=none, lightmodel=none,
               orientation=[-90,0,0], viewpoint=[circleleft, frames=100]);



[edit] Image files could also be attached to a Maple workbook, so that they can be re-used programmatically without need for auxiliary files.  (I have zipped the .maple file since Mapleprimes is broken with respect to downloading them as attachments. Thanks for the reminder, Carl.)

I see that Carl had already come up with the same thing, while I was fiddling.

If I recall correctly then, no, the only way to export a dualaxisplot to jpeg in Maple 12 is through the right-click context-menu. I don't think that it can be done programmatically (ie. via plotsetup and plotdevice).

Are you looking for the lprint command?

If that is not the case then could you reformulate your query in the form of a sentence?

If you want each re-execution to be preserved automatically then you could use a DataTable embedded component. That has the benefit that it stores data across a restart.

You could even write a procedure that computed the final result in question, augmented the embedded component, and then printed/returned  the current result. Or any other bells and whistles you want.

Perhaps you could be much more specific about how you'd like it to behave.

@zander17 Yes, I too would worry that it may cause trouble (for Maple) if it picks up the wrong MKL libraries.

I'm not sure how to force Maple's call_external (which is what define_external sets up) to utilize your MKL dlls when accessing a function in your operator.dll, while still allowing Maple to always find its own MKL dlls when doing its own stock computations.

If it's of interest, you can examine OS environment variables from within Maple using its getenv command.

Would it be possible for you to link your operator.dll against the static versions of your MKL libraries?

I realize that you are using Maple 2015, but I suspect that this might be accomplished straightforwardly using the `valuesplit` suboption of the `colorscheme` option.

But `valuesplit` was introduced in Maple 2016, if I recall correctly.

@Adam Ledger 

While individual read statements might error-out, that won't prevent subsequent read statements from still being executed if you use the menubar to re-execute the entire worksheet or a selected portion.

So, no, what you've now proposed won't provide significant, additional flow control over your worksheet. What you've suggested won't gain you anything towards your goal as I understand it.

If you want certain statements to only execute (under the UI action to re-execute entire worksheet, or selection) if some previous computation succeeded then program your control flow properly, to test for success before proceeding.

There is a wealth of functionality in the Maple programming language for doing adequate defensive programming and controlling the execution flow. (Eg, re-usable procedures, and conditional statements involving type-checks, quantitative or structural comparison, etc.)

note: I intended my Answer to convey that what you were doing wrong was using the wrong tool for the job. You seem to have interpreted my answer in completely the opposite way -- as if I were encouraging to use that wrong tool even more. I wasn't.

Perhaps you could consider writing your procedures in Code Edit Regions.

@minhhieuh2003 The way that you try to use ImageTools:-Embed to obtain a return value does not make sense.

The way that you to try and use print doe not make sense -- I don't understand why you keep trying that. The way that you try and use your Tsprintf for images does not make sense.

I've corrected what I can, but it's impossible to figure out what you intend all your procedures to do since you never bother to describe your goals.

I have tagged your Question as Product = Maple 2016

It would be helpful if you could do that yourself on future Questions, if you are not using the latest version and you don't inially upload a worksheet attachment.

note: Why do you use Maple 2016.0 and not the free upgrade to Maple 2016.2?

@minhhieuh2003 Why would you write that without uploading a worksheet that demonstrates what didn't work for you?

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