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It occurs to me that what I really want is to make a function that represents an alternating multilinear map. Perhaps there is a way to force this using GetComponents(f, [e1,...,e8]) as in my example, however I'd need to get the sign of the permutation.

@Carl Love 


Thank you for the thoughtful reply. Yes, the cores were utilized with Thread, and the answers were correct. Ultimately I won't be checking if something is a subalgebra, or even using Query. I will be doing similar computations in each possible subalgebra of interest - so I think that by passing the information needed to establish a DifferentialGeometry frame in each thread spawned by grid will ultimately suffice. That is, if I run

Grid:-Map(x -> run_DGsetup_and_do_computations(x), list_of_data_needed_to_make_each_algebra),

I will be able to get through everything before long. Time to buy more RAM.

Thank you - I think this answers my threading questions.

@Carl Love Thanks! I tried the following:


Grid:-Map(x -> Query(x, "Subalgebra"), list)

And I get the following error 16 times:

Error, (in DifferentialGeometry:-ChangeFrame) expected the name of a defined frame. Received alg1
At the end, I get:

Error, (in Grid:-Map) invalid input: op expects 1 or 2 arguments, but received 0

I am not sure what to make of these - do you understand what they're telling me? I know that list is a list of algebras, and worked with Thread:-Create.



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