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These are questions asked by ahmedco31

Hi, I need to maximize a quadratice function and I need to check if my variables are satisfying the Kuhn-Tucker conditions or not.

I defined the objective and I want to use the command

QPSolve(`ϕ`, assume = nonnegative, maximize);

and the Kuhn-Tucker conditions that I want to apply are

(&PartialD;)/(&PartialD; x[i]) `&varphi;`=0 and x[i]>=0; or (&PartialD;)/(&PartialD; x[i]) `&varphi;`<=0 and x[i]=0

I am doing an algorithm that include a " for " loop, inside that loop in the first statement I assigned a certain matrix to a variable G and then the algorthim changes some elements in G but when the algorithm repeat the second step of the loop it uses the last resulted matrix of the previous step NOT the one that is defined in the first statement of the loop. I want it to start each step of the loop with the same value of the matrix. what should I do?

after differentiating a function that contains a product and summation using a counter i=1,2,...,n and j=1,2,...m    i got a result that contains things like these :-

sum from i1~=1  to  i-1    and  i1~=i+1  to  n

and i had in the function a variable z[i][j]  and in the result it became  z[i1~][j]

what does 1~ means ?

thankx in advance

how can i solve these two massive nonlinear equations ? and by which way ?

the 1st is:-

hi, i want to solve these 4 equations and i have two problems

1-when i use the function SOLVE , the output is empty brackets, why?

2-how can i add constrains or inequalities to make maple consider them in the solution

the solve line is

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