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These are questions asked by alecjacobson

Is there a maple routine or sequence of routines to minimize an energy functional (scalar energy with a function as an argument)?

I'd like to avoid applying calculus of variations/integration by parts by hand.

For example, I'm looking for something like:

E := int(diff(f(x),x)^2,x=0..1);
bc := f(0) = 0, f(1) = 1;

whose result would be:

       f(x) = x

Is there a way to use dsolve to do this?

Maple's online help pages render all of the inputs (and outputs) as fancy math (MathJax). I guess the assumption is that you're using the visual IDE. However, I only have access to a terminal with ASCII entry (e.g., via SSH).

How can I can convert the online help pages into something that I can enter directly via the command line?

For example, how do I convert the examples from the EulerLagrange help page into command line entry?

I'm looking for a procedural way or ideally a toggle "switch".

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