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With a career spanning supply chain operations and designing IT systems infrastructure, Alex has returned to his "mech eng roots" and is now Technical Marketing Manager at Maplesoft, providing useful resource material for the Professional Markets product team, and staying up to date with the ever-changing use of math and engineering software tools in automation and design.

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The easiest way to reference another Maple Flow worksheet that has a related calculation, is to highlight text and create a Hyperlink (Insert >> Hyperlink...) that will allow you to open a Maple Flow file locally, on a network, or set as an intranet/URL destination.

If you want additional options (such as creating a button/image instead of text link) you can create a Shortcut (using the Insert >> Shortcut command). The Shortcut properties can be set on the Context panel to the right.
You would enter the Maple Flow file name using the full folder path but without any quotes.
eg  C:\Documents\Dec2023Projects\Approved results sheet Dec2023.flow
There are also options there to change what the Shortcut does - you can set it to create a new Flow document, apply a single line of Maple code, or launch a pre-built help topic.

If you want to pull in results of a previous calculation spreadsheet file, then the Tools >> Import Data wizard will step you through the common options to import data as variable values that you can work with further down your Maple Flow worksheet.


In Maple Flow, you can use the plot option redraw = false to prevent a plot being redrawn when the view is changed by a user's action in the GUI (either a zoom, a pan, or a resize). So if you have dragged the plot window to the size you want, this will stop it jumping back to original size when recalculation happens.
plot(y,x=0..10,title="This is a Plot",titlefont=[Arial,15,Bold],redraw=false) =

If you need more control, maybe hard code the plot formatting options you want, such as  size=[w,h] or thickness = n
More details available in the Maple Flow Help under "plot options"

acer has it covered, but just to add it also works to pull a symbol from the palette and add it to the embedded typseset function by using quotes around


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