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I have a computer of CPU Core i7. I want to use all power of CPU during implementing MAPLE software. But when I execute MAPLE, only a part of power of CPU is used. I can check it by "Windows task manager". "CPU Usage" of this is so less than 100%.

How I can apply all cores of CPU in analyses by MAPLE?



I have an expression as the following:

exp2:= A*y(r)*diff(t(r),r)^2+B*t(r)/r+C*t(r)*y(r)+D*y(r)*t(r)^3+E*diff(y(r),r,r)*diff(t(r),r)+F*diff(y(r),r)*t(r)^2/r^2;

I want to extract coefficients of some functions (or relations) which is existence in expr2 by MAPLE. Please make an attention to following examples:

The coefficients of "diff(t(r),r)^2" is "A*y(r)".

The coefficients of "t(r)^2" is "F*diff(y(r),r)/r^2".

The coefficients of "y(r...


I have an expression as the following:

exp1:=E(z)*(diff(t(r), r))/(1-nu(z)^2)+E(z)*nu(z)*t(r)/((1-nu(z)^2)*r)+(E(z)*z/(1-nu(z)^2)-(4/3)*E(z)*z^3/(h^2*(1-nu(z)^2)))*(diff(y(r), r))+(E(z)*nu(z)*z/(1-nu(z)^2)-(4/3)*E(z)*nu(z)*z^3/(h^2*(1-nu(z)^2)))*y(r)/r-(4/3)*E(z)*z^3*(diff(p(r), r, r))/(h^2*(1-nu(z)^2))-(4/3)*E(z)*nu(z)*z^3*(diff(p(r), r))/(h^2*(1-nu(z)^2)*r);

I want to replace the following parameter instead of coefficients of t(r), y(r), p(r) and their derivatives as the following:...

Dear my friends

I have a computer with Intel Core 2 due CPU. When I am solving the Maple program by it, only 50 percent of CPU power is involved. How can I use the whole power of CPU during executing a Maple program?

I also applied "kernelopts(numcpus=2)", however it has not any positive influence.


In the name of God

Dear my friends


Can Maple work with differential operators without introducing a known function?

For example, assume that we have


How can we apply differential operators such as diff or D without applying any known function as:



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