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Hi everyone. Is there any way to keep auto-rotation of three-dimensional graphics? If so, how to do it for complex graphics created by the function plots[display](G1,G2,..,Gn)?
Hi everyone. Forgive me for bad english, but it's important to solve one problem. Here is my Maple-code: >restart; define_external(WATCOM); Integral := define_external('periodic_integral','FORTRAN','eps'::float[8], 'Low_1'::float[8],'High_1'::float[8],'Under_I_1'::PROC('x'::float[8],'RETURN'::float[8]), 'WRAPPER','REPLY_1'::float[8],'LIB'="D:/Integral/Debug/Integral.dll"); eps:=10e-5: a:=0.: b:=10.: Under:=proc(x) RETURN(cos(x)*sin(x)) end proc: Reply:=0: Integral(eps,a,b,Under,'Reply'); print(Reply);
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