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HI all,


I have 

> sol2 := dsolve({odesys, H(0) = 4995, R(0) = 65000, W(0) = 102000, l(0) = 96000}, numeric, method = rosenbrock);
print(`output redirected...`); 
proc(x_rosenbrock) ... end;


I want to have a list of my solutions, t, H(t), R(t), W(t), l(t) that I can put into a spreadsheet (.csv, .txt, etc.), for 600 timesteps. 


There are some answers out there, but I am confused by them, and have not been able to make it work.




Okay, so I think this is simple, but I cannot find the command.


I get a numeric solution for a system of ODEs, with variables a function of t. Now, I know I can use the sol(t) command to give me the values of my variables at specific values of t. But, how do I get the values of t for specific variable values. There has to be a more efficient way than just plugging in values for t until I come to the answer.



Hi all,

I am trying to plot multiple ODE plots in Maple 16. I can do them all separately, but cannot figure out how to make to solutions appear in the same plot. I have numeric solutions for sol1 and sol2, and I want to plot A(t), t for each one (together).

Thanks for the help!

Hi all, I am working on a maple project and I attempted to use the ODE analyzer assistant. The problem now is that every time I restart and run my project, the assistant pops up without me physically calling it. I don't see why this happens, its quite frustrating. Anyway to turn it off? Thanks!
Hi all, This is probably a simple command, but I cannot figure it out. I am using the following to spit out some results from a system of ODEs, but I can't figure out how to label the individual columns t, H, W R, etc. Any suggestions? Thanks! > file := "/Desktop/Aquifer results2/comp60.txt"; try fd := fopen(file, 'WRITE', 'TEXT'); for tt from 0 to 945 do fprintf(fd, "%a %a %a %a %a %a\n", (eval([t, H(t), Weq, Req, price, total], sol2a(tt)))[]) end do finally close(file) end try; %; >
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