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In previous versions of Maple there was an abort/interrupt capability-one could hold down the command key and a period at the same time and eventually Maple would stop the calculation. (Mac worksheet interface). Now there is an interrupt icon which is frequently ignored by Maple. I am currently in an ∞ loop and cannot get out! Help!
(I think this was posted in the wrong section of mapleprimes.) Hi, I have read the manual on saving to a file many times but it never works for me. I am using Maple 10 on a Mac running MacOS 10.4.10. I have copied the example from the manual and run that and it does work so I am quite confused. Here is what I would like to do: I have a worksheet with lots of definitions,equations, lists, etc. and I would like to have these available on another worksheet. I have tried > save nx; # nx is the name of my worksheet then > read nx; Error, unable to read `nx` I have the same problem with trying to save names e.g.
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