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These are questions asked by bathudaide

Hi all, I have problem but can't solve

How to split a number into smaller numbers so that their sum return the original number?

Example, n = 5 then

Thank you very much.

Hi all, how to write description, suggestions for method (procedure) like image below. I tried searching for a solution but can't. Thank you very much

Hi all, I have a problem but can't solve, anyone help me. Example we have json link

How to read procedure getName and getAge from json link above to be

Thank you very much. Sory because my english is bad.

Hi all, how to get name file  in directory?

Example. I have  and I want call then return

["equals", "function", "polynomial", "viete"]


["equals.txt", "function.txt", "polynomial.txt", "viete.txt"]

Thank you very much.

Hi all, how to replace

I use but not work!

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