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Hi, see above image, how do I get maple to do the chain rule automatically, for example, if I simply put in the alias V(h), instead of V(h(x)), this last command generates zero. 


Also, what is D(V)(h) ? is this equivalent to dV/dh, and if so how would I get maple to present it in this form?


Many thanks for your help ! 

I have tried:

algsubs(Uo/sqrt(GoHo)=Fr, Go Ho/ Uo^2)

(where I want it to yield the answer `1/Fr^2`)

but it just returns:

Go Ho/ Uo^2

I have only just starting using maple , but as far as I can see other possible functions may be solve or eliminate but I believe they aren't relevant here..?

Many thanks for your help !

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