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These are questions asked by bpollina


The command

f := -.1*(x+3)*(x-1)*(x-3.5):


produces different results in Maple 13 and Maple 16.02.

In particular, the concavity=[] option seems to be ignored in 16.

Also, it may be my imagination, but execution seems slower in 16, but I didn't try timing it.

My apologies, if this has already been noted.



Create an expression like g:=(3x^2 - 3y^2)/(x-y).

I would like the substitution x= 5, y=2 to produce the unsimplified, unevaluated expression (3*5^2-3*2^2)/(5-2).

I've tried various combinations of subs and subsop to no avail. Some piece of the expression is always evaluated.

Any suggestions?

Is it possible to change and save the default background color and pen settings for a sketch?
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