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I'm trying to export a file using the .mw file. without a lot of success. Can someone help?

For 1 game, the output is between (8) and (9).

For 2 games. the output is after (17).



I have maple code saved as a text file f.txt.

It resides here


what is the most expedient way to convert to f.mpl ?


l'm on here with yet another optimization problem...

Wanting to know if I can get the same results as Samir using DirectSearch package. After 2.2.2


Hot on the heels of my previous question

I have attempted to maximize growth while keeping variance below a fixed level (with not much success), but 

can any of you maximize the growth of a 3 stock portfolio while minimizing the variance.


This worksheet by Jason Schattman, I cant work out how he gets vector r, the expected value (in bold). I did ask him. Anybody shed any light?

I thought EV was calculated by averaging each stocks yearly returns. EV for Q[1] is (0.08-0.2+.05)/3   (<> 0.05)

Obviously i'm going to get a different r to him, but out of interest what maple commands do i need to convert Q into r using my method for EV?


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