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Hi. Can someone solve for w as a general function of k, without RootOf

w^3+3w^3*(1-w)+6w^3*(1-w)^2=k, k constant

i tried


and also with option explicit (edit)




This Carl Code evaluates fine

MySumP:= (j::integer)->
    seq(combinat:-numbcomb((j+10),(i+10))*p^(j+i)*(1-p)^(j+i), i= 0..0);

[184756*p^10*(1 - p)^10]

But what I would like is whats inside the numbcomb argument to be displayed.

i tried

MySumP:= (j::integer)->
    seq(combinat:-numbcomb(``(j+10),``(i+10))*p^(j+i)*(1-p)^(j+i), i= 0..0)


What i would like displayed: numbbomb(20,10)*p^10*(1-p)^10 or (better) C(20,10)*p^10*(1-p)^10

@Carl Love

This Carl code works

Could someone please make my modified code work:

(Case D should be the same as P-Q=0 , when integer score P,Q is entered and P=Q)

EDIT: corrected and reuploaded: should have been if P-Q <> 0 rather than P-Q=0. changes in purple.

(ps I don't want a substitution D when P-Q=0)


When I try to substitute a value for j, it doesn't evaluate.

I found an assignment question concerning an ODE from 20 years ago. This was before I had discovered Maple.

So I put it through Maple and got a complex solution, But the lecturer's solution was non-imaginary.

For a) gamma <> Beta and b) gamma = beta.

Actually for b) I couldn't follow his solution


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