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When I try to substitute a value for j, it doesn't evaluate.

I found an assignment question concerning an ODE from 20 years ago. This was before I had discovered Maple.

So I put it through Maple and got a complex solution, But the lecturer's solution was non-imaginary.

For a) gamma <> Beta and b) gamma = beta.

Actually for b) I couldn't follow his solution



This is a simple model of the covid infection as it applies here, down under, without the use of any de's like

I'm told a substantial number of people do recover within 45 days ....
So on the 45th day 1 person has recovered, on day 50 two people have recovered and so on.

Just want to know how to write this sequence...

I'm not sure if it's possible to find a formula with predictive qualities, but I thought I'd ask anyway ...


I need your help with this problem. The date protocol here in the antipodes is day/month/year.

I get this error...Maybe there is an alternative.


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