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I am trying to get a family of curves on one graph. Each curve a different colour and labeled

P=2, Q=0 , P=2,Q=1 , etc

mmcdara 's proposal for inspiration?


Just trying to replicate a calculation, I would expect close to absolute zero, but my units are out

Hi. I can't seem to get my Explore plot to work. Maple gives me a cryptic error message (IMHO).

Hi..What I want should be self explanetary. Trying to Explore 2 plots on the one graph.


I am trying to use Explore command to model the CSA  of a trough.

So I want to  be able to change the variables: length of the walls (l:, slider 0..20) and the width (w:slider 0..20) and the angle (theta: slider 0..Pi/2)

Want to be able to see the diagram change and also display the area using the formula [output (15)] on the graph

Here is my attempt.

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