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@Kitonum thank you 


thanks, i needed it because it is sometimes asked from us to give the results in a specific way.
thanks for your help

@Carl Love 
 thanks, it s working now.
I m using an old version of maple (5)


@Preben Alsholm 

Thank you.

how to change it so that the imput is the differential equation?

the dsolve is not working, it said dsolve needs 2 arguments...

can you please help me with this? 


Thanks very much Kitonum

@Carl Love 

that is what I have done :

 divis:= subs(x=xold,f(x))/subs(x=xold,diff(f(x),x)):
 while xnew-xold>5.0*10.0^(-(dp+1)) do

@Carl Love 

Thanks , you were really very helpful

@Carl Love 

you are right, I need to study assembly language or maybe something even lower level. But I find it more difficult and challenging than just using already defined procedures. 

the thing is: I just started a degree in maths, and sometimes the prof requires that... anyhow thanks very much for your help :) 


thanks for your answer,
the thing is, I need to write that procedure without the use of any other maple procedures.

@mehdi jafari 

Thanks very much :~)

@Carl Love 

Thanks @Carl Love

(( Why do you want to write this procedure? to learn programming? to learn about Maple? to learn about primes?-->
I wanted to do this to learn programming and about maple as I just started studying at the university :) ) 

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