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Hey my maple document will not open up! When I try to open it, it simply asks me if I want to open my document as maple text, plain text, maple input or simply cancel. No matter which of the options I select the document will just be blank. If anyone can fix it then please help me! I really really need the document since all my notes are in there. I have attached the document to this post.

regards chri69a9



So i have an exam right around the corner, and maple decided to corrupt my file. I get the error "There was a problem in the loading process, you worksheet may be incomplete." I've tried the following troubleshooting:

Restart - No luck

Other computer - No luck

Checked the backupfolder. - 10 backups have been made, but they are all corupt aswell

I've Followed Can I repair a corrupted Maple document/worksheet file? ( It didn't really do anything

Also tried the DeleteBadCharacters() proccess, but i get the error "Error, (in XMLTools:-ParseString) Element type "Equation" must be followed by either attribute specifications, ">" or "/>"."

Anyone who can help me out here? 

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