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I wish to recalculate the document from the beginning (or from the last restart) without having to select everything and push the "!" button.

How can I link the axes in two or more separate plots so that when I zoom in one, the others are also zoomed. Also when I want to link the 'x' or the 'y' axis only.

Thank you

How can I breal kong code lines in "Code Edit Region" like "..." in Matlab?

For simplicity in a long calculation I substituted sum(w[k],k=1..n) by the expression Sw using algsubs. At the end of the calculation I want to replace back Sw by the original expression. Thanks

Dear all:

I wisth to replace in an expression that contains several sums:

sum(a[i],i=1..n+1) and sum(w[i],i=1..n+1)

and replace them with a single command into:

a[n+1]+sum([i],i=1..n) and w[n+1]+sum(w[n],1..n)

everywhere in the expression

Thank you


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