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These are questions asked by cometservice

Hey there

Is it possible to to view A4 paper when you work in maple instead off the "endlessly big" sheet you work in as standard?


My problem is that when i work in maple, it look different when i print it too an A4 sheet.


Looking forward to hear from you :)


Rune Eriksen



Hey there in the file above, i have an equation with units, that maple dont seem to be able to solve.


Its the equation at the bottom on the box.


Can anyone tell me what i am doing wrong?


Rune Eriksen :)

Hey you maple experts


I have been trying to change the font in maple. In my try i suddenly dont get no output document mode.


Can someone please help me?


Rune Erikse

Hey all you clever people


I have been leaning simulink in school today. The problem is that i like maple, and would like to solve all my problems in maple

The problem we solved i attached in a zip file.

Can anyone make a simulation in maplesim, that does the same, and mail it to me?


Looking forward to hear from you


Rune Behnk Eriksen

I am new to maple, and looking for som tourturial to get me started. My school dont offer any education in the program.


Can maple do the same things as matlab? i have a little program i wrote i matlab. Is it possible for me to write that i maple?

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