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Can you please not using maple tag? Because it doesn't work in my computer (I have no idea why though).

Here's what I did:


seq(assign(a[n], a[n-1]+1/2^(n-1)), n = 2 .. 10);

Maple reutrns Error, (in assign) invalid arguments.

I think it's pretty close though. :)


EDIT: I don't know why, it works after I restarted maple. Thank you VERY MUCH Scott! I'll flag this one "important" :)

For some reason, I can't open the file. Can you upload to another location?

Actually, I expected this is an integrated feature. What I wanted to do is to stretch a slope fields of a DE.

Since this isn't something in the exam, I'll put it till later I guess.

Thanks for all of you who responded to this topic. You're the best :)

Yes. With maple 11, you can go to Tools->Tutor->Student Calculus 1->Integration Methods. There's an interface for it.


You may also let Maple show how to use integration by using


Hint(Int(f(x), x));


You may repeat this multiple times until it is copmleted

I think you plotted the function correctly if you meant to plot cos(20*Pi*t). The reason it didn't look symmetrical is that you set a too big domain. Try t=-0.5..0.5, and you'll see what it's really supposed to be.

Also, you could change the style to point instead of line, or you could use the command:



to get more detailed plots

P.S.: You beat me in posting lol!

If you are programming and you would like to have a better display, simplify use the command


I'm curious about why do you need to adjust the output...

The best way to solve this problem is to go to maplesoft customer service. Click Update product, and from there you could see "maple for windows vista" on the top right corner of the page. It's around 220MB.


If you don't want to reinstall, you can download java 1.6 and install it into your computer. copy all contents in jre1.6.0 folder from C:\Program Files\Java to C:\Program Files\Maple 11\jre. The side effect of this operation is that this made it impossible for you to uninstall Maple after you update to a newer version. It may also occasionaly get an error using one of the tutor programs.


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