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  I like maple's implicit multiplication function. I think maple has a good way of typing formulas already. But my professor types much faster in 1D-math format than 2D-math. So, if you want to type faster, try getting used to 1D-math.

  I like the function "code edit region". Inside the region, it automatically indents. Pretty neat :)

I just purchased Maple 12.

Some comments:


1. TAB key issue still havn't fixed

2. More tutors, including Function Average, Function Inverse, Riemann Sums, Directional Derivatives, Gradients, Eigenvector, Eigenvalues, etc.

3. 3 new menus on the top "Drawing" "Plot" "Spreadsheetes"

4. 4 new components

5. "CAD Link" in tools -> assistant

6. A new student portal for students.

7. An improved help file

Havn't used it yet... Just downloaded... Gonna give it a try tomorrow. School is just out. Hooray!!!



e.g.: Is tab key working as in earlier versions of maple now?

I just found that it works after I restarted maple. Maybe I assigned something to a[n] before. I don't know why it couldn't work.

Thank you VERY MUCH for your help :D:D:D

I just found that it works after I restarted maple. Maybe I assigned something to a[n] before. I don't know why it couldn't work.

Thank you VERY MUCH for your help :D:D:D

Actually, the Hint command provided the correct hint. The problem I think is the Rule command is applied AFTER the the rewriting of the expression is completed, thus negating the changes.

If you do not use Rule[parts,csc(x)](Int(csc(x)^3,x)), and use IntegrationTools[Parts](Int(csc(x)^3,x),csc(x)), you'll get to the next step.

In other words, Student[Calculus1[Rule[Parts]]] has a bug which prevents it executing the command successfully in several seneraios. The IntegrationTools[Parts], however, always gives you the correct result.

The problem is IntTutor uses Student[Calculus1[Rule[Parts]]] rather than IntegrationTools[Parts]. I think some commands in Student[Calculus1] should be rewritten.

It's Java's compatibility problem. Please check compatibility list and you will find ver 1.5 is not compatible with Vista. The solution is go to download Java v1.6 or newer (v1.6.1 currently), and after installation, go to your drive which has folder "Windows" in it (for example, if your windows is installed in C:\Windows, go to C:), then go to "Program Files" then go to "Java" there's a folder called "bin" and another called "lib", copy both folders to override contents in Maplesoft_folder\jre. IMPORTANT: Please log in as administrator, then right click your maplesoft_folder, go to "properties", go to security, add users that uses maple software with permission at LEAST "Change". Usually Program Files folder is only writable to Admins, if a user log in which has no admin privillege, they might have "dead" maplesoft (maplesoft won't run when you double click, it won't respond at all!). It's important that you give sufficient privillege to run Maple. This is also very important to all other software that running vista. As vista has security enhancement and only NTFS can install vista. There's security settings on each folder. For further information, please check "Help and Support" in Windows Vista. Please NOTE: Windows Vista BASIC/STARTER does not have "security" tab in file "properties", that does not mean it has no security measure. It might also restricted normal user by default. To change your security, you MUST log in as Administrator, then right click "Command Prompt" (which is in start menu-->all programs-->Accessories), click "log in as administrator", click "continue". Go to your Maplesoft's folder {for example (This example is that your maplesoft installed in C:\Program Files\Maple 11)): D:\Program Files>C: C:>cd\Program Files } Then use cacls command to change security information type: cacls "Maple 11" /G username:C /E or cacls "Maple 11" /G username:F /E (Note: C=Change(Read & Write), F=Full Control) You will notice the permission is being added NOTE: You should use /E, or the permission will be overrided instead of added, that means all other users bar the username you granted cannot access the folder (Even admin can't access), you will be in DEEP TROUBLE!
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