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Thanks for your suggestion, I changed the order of loading in the preferences panel so that it loads 1.4 first for certain applications wanting it and now the print is working perfectly. Never even considered Maple being written in Java so I guess that says a lot for what you can do with it... Thanks again, glenn
Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build 1.5.0_13-b05-237) Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 1.5.0_13-119, mixed mode, sharing) I guess this also explains why Maple seems to run faster on a Windows computer than on my Mac? I have a much faster system than my friends but their PC's seem to render 3D plots much faster than my system. which is surprising since everything else on my machine is much much faster than theirs. Thanks, glenn
and as far as java goes, how do you determine the exact version of java on the Mac? I'm new to Mac so not sure how to do that. Is Maple on the Mac written in Java? thanks, glenn
I'm sorry, I'm on Leopard OSX and running latest of everything. Thanks, glenn
I think maybe you guys are missing my point. If I use the current interface I have a button bar on the left that allows me to select all sorts of things. If for example, I point to the square root symbol, it shows me what I can type to enter that item manually, or I can click it. If I point to a theta, or a gamma in the greek section bar it again shows me what I can type. However, If I type it, it leaves it as I typed it, if I click the link it actually puts a symbol there. Its two different actions for the same task. Clicking performs a (insert this symbol) and typing just puts text into the document. This really makes no sense. This Maple interface could really use some work. Someone should go look at how Mathcad works because it kills Maple on the interface stuff. Its much much easier to use and actually makes a lot more sense. As I said, I like Maple more than Mathcad but I hate Maples interface. In Mathcad I can start typing out a function, hit special keys to do things like having a square root and so forth and spacebar to jump between sections instead of having to press the right arrow. Things type in rapidly and everything goes into the section that it belongs. no need to put paren's around everything. In Maple, its a very big pain to type out functions and as a result I find myself using it a lot less than I use Mathcad. And I have to startup Windows on my Mac to run Mathcad. I assume from everyone's response that this is not possible to fix in Maple so I'll quit asking, just wanted to be sure, as it is driving me crazy. Thanks, glenn
The underscore works great. Thanks, glenn
nevermind I found them under Greek bar. Sorry, glenn
Ok, Thanks for the help guys, glenn
Yeah, I had the parenthesis but didn't write them here. But how should I have known to do this n=floor(x) part? I understand what you are saying about the series but I'd have never thought to put that floor function there. Thanks again for the info... glenn
Thanks, I'll take a look at that. glenn
Ahh, I see what I did, I had my restart; looking like restart(); and it wasn't actually running... :-) Ok, that fixed that problem, do you have any idea about the original equation and why its not plotting? Thanks, glenn
Actually this last issue posted here is a bug in Maple. I had a previous calculation below where I was calculating values using the n as my var. It was below this graph but was in the worksheet. I had deleted it out of the worksheet before I did this calculation so not sure why its still being looked at. I have restarted the work sheet, clicked the 3 !!! to recalc it and nothing is fixing it. I had to totally start a new worksheet to get the plot command to work. its still looking at my n value despite it being no where in the worksheet. Thanks, glenn P.S. Still need help on the original issue.
Here is another one, not sure why this has to be so difficult... one plot works the next I have to go back to Mathcad because I can't figure out what is wrong with Maple... plot( (3n+4) / (7n+5), n=1..infinity); and have tried other ranges and nothing works.. On this one however, I am getting an error: Error (in plot) unexpected option: 5 = 1..infinity Its like its replacing my n variable with 5 or something... please help, glenn
lol, well its like this. My math professor has been using Maple for like 15 years or something and refuses to even open documents in the new document view mode. I was asking him how to get Maple to plot multiple curves in a single grid view and he suggested I used implicitplot and setup variables for everything. Then use display to print them. So there was no manual involved. I found plot first but it wasn't working the way I thought it should. Since you are responsible for the interface though I have a few suggestions. :-) 1) Mathcad kills you guys on ease of entering functions and such. they have quick keys like baskslash entering a square root symbol and so on that makes entering the formulas very quick. They also use the space bar to quickly select the section of the math you wish to operate on for doing division or whatever else. Using the arrow key is an extreme pain because you have to keep taking your hands off the keyboard to go hit a key that isn't natural. I'm slowly getting use to Maple and it does a better job mathematically I think than Mathcad but Mathcad has a lot easier interface to use. Their graphing of functions is very straight forward and quick to enter right into the graph itself instead of having to write single lines for each formula and then display them in a grid. Don't get me wrong, I like Maple, just offering a new user perspective to the process... :-) Thanks for the interest, glenn
Thanks, good to know that is there. glenn
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