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I have a Maple 11 Document and I'd like to print it. It currently has a couple graphs and text and mathematic equations on it. However, when I print the document the fonts are all jacked up. Minus signs show as vertical lines, fonts are on top of each other and it just looks terrible. I've tried exporting to HTML but the image quality is terrible on everything that wasn't entered as text. No apparent option to use anything but gifs which are the worst possible thing to use for quality. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. glenn
If I point to a greek alpha symbol with my mouse it shows me a hint that I can type "alpha" for the same symbol. However, if I click it, it actually places the symbol in the document, but if I type the words "alpha" in the document it just leaves those words and doesn't replace them with the actual symbol. Is there a way to get it to replace my words with the actual symbol? I absolutely hate using the mouse as it slows down typing 10 fold. It seems however that if you don't absolutely love the mouse, you'll hate Maple. Are there any plans to make it more useable for those wishing to get on with it?
How do I get Maple to do a subscript without having to click the menu items? I just want to continue typing out my functions but seem to have to spend 1/2 my time clicking things with the mouse. Its very frustrating. Thanks, glenn
How do I insert symbols like beta, gamma and so forth? I'm wanting to keep my work looking like the questions I'm working but don't see how to insert symbols that I need. Thanks, glenn
I can plot this fine in Mathcad so I know it should work. But in Maple I am only getting a single point at 0 and another at 10. plot( (-1)^x, x=0..10,y=-3..3, color=blue, style=point); Thanks for any help, glenn
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