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Thanks that fixed the problem.

Thanks for the help.

@acer Thanks for the help. I would have never found that.

This code was taken form a larger worksheet I am working on. About half way through building that worksheet the matrix palette stopped working. It would give me code to build a matix but no matrix. So I cut and pasted that 6x6 from a new worksheet.

Also that matrix originally had 1/Tw but the "w" was an index value. When I tried to change to just Tw, no index, I could not just delete the w and _ _ then type in a "w". Every time I did that (Type w after T) I got wT. I had to delete "w", "T", and "/" to get Tw. That probably caused the problem.

@Kitonum Thanks that works.

Thanks for the help.

Thanks that works. 

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