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These are questions asked by daviddoria

I have a matrix M which is 3x4.  I need add a fourth row to it.  I've been trying


E:=Matrix([ [M], [0,0,0,1] ])


E:=Matrix([ [Row(M,1)], [Row(M,2)], [Row(M,3)], [0,0,0,1] ])

But neither of them worked.  How would I do this?


I would like to do something like a derivative with respect to a vector or really anything involving a vector (not of a known length or known values) going in and a vector coming out:


diff( Transpose(x) * A * x, x)

Is this possible?


It's just that it is very different if you do x*(x+1) if x is a vector or if x is a scalar.  Does this make sense?

Any tips would be great!



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