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These are questions asked by deby123

which one is easier to decrypt  Vignere of length 6 or 2X2 affine matrix???

HOw to use RSA with the modulus n = 119 and the exponent e = 7, with the 95-character
alphabet consisting of the printable ASCII characters to encrypt the word “Yes”.
so that Y=58, e=70, s=84. ( encryption should be as a list of three numbers.)

Solve using Maple:Twenty-one pirates are dividing their horde of gold dubloons. Since they are a
democratic outfit, they first try to divide the coins evenly, but they find there are 19
coins left over. The “discussion” about how to divide the remaining coins results in
only 16 pirates still needing to divide the horde (the remaining five went to a place
where you can’t bring money or anything else with you). The redivision among
16 pirates leaves 1 coin left over, and three of the pirates make a grab for it. These


(Affine cipher)This phrase follows the the typical pattern in English where there are (almost) as many spaces as words and the letter “e” is also very common. The string  fmw segjaweoouanerj a ceyqrype aswaheoaqbrqabeafrua eeaojerf afmjeayperjpu  was encrypted using an affine cipher on the 27 letter alphabet, there is a space in the 0th position. Can anyone give some hints how to decript it by first solving 2 equations of the form ax+b mod c

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