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I'm getting an error when I try to

plot(sin(x), x = -1..1, color = darkblue,tickmarks=[spacing(0.25),subticks=2]);

The error is
Error, (in plot) expecting option tickmarks to be of type list({"default", "piticks", "decimalticks", "pidefault", nonnegint, list(realcons), list(realcons = anything), spacing(realcons), spacing(realcons, realcons)}) but received [spacing(.25), subticks = 2]

What exactly am I doing wrong? After all, [...] is a list.

Even more confusingly, tickmarks=[[spacing(0.25),subticks=2],default] doesn't work either.

Any help appreciated!

How can I get Maple 10 Standard Worksheet to plot with vertical logarithmic axis having the gridlines at 10,10, and so on, in a vector graphic file like eps?

Very often I have to insert map(assume,[k,lambda,L,...many others...],real) in order to simplify my expressions.

As a simple example, compare Re(exp(I*k*x)) assuming k::real,x::real; to the result without assuming.

So I'd like a procedure/command that makes Maple assume that every symbol in an expression is real but not the expression itself.

In this Maple 10 classic worksheet I'm trying to get the eigenvalues of the matrix H, which are dependent of the parameter F>=0. Please help me to get rid of those RootOf's. The result may be numeric because I only need it for plotting. Download 5085_20_H.mws
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Hello, I'm trying to integrate (for a homework) the Planck radiation formula. But the result (see the Maple10 worksheet below) is so strange (polylog(4,exp...) stuff) that I can't figure out what it means. I tried to compute taylor series at T=0 (because the exercise is to prove that integral is proportional to T^4) but Maple can't do it. View on MapleNet or Download 5085_planckintegr
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