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These are questions asked by dgem

N := 8;

b := 2 ∗ P i;
data := [];
for n f rom 0 to N do
data := [op(data), [n ∗ b/N, sin(n ∗ b/N)]];

Since exact points are not needed, changed the loop (and reinitialize) to:

data := [];

for n from 0 to N do
data := [op(data), [evalf(n ∗ b/N), sin(evalf(n ∗ b/N))]];

Modify the second example so that it can be used to graph the sin function
over any interval from a to b. (You should suppress the output from the for-loop in your
example, so that you do not fill up the worksheet with an unwieldy amount of output.)

Find the smallest number N such that

π2/6 − Σ (from n=1 to N) 1/n< 0.001

using Maple commands.

Successively transform the expression x + y + z into x ∗ y ∗ z and [x, y, z], using Maple commands.

If I have a function such as fk := exp(-x^2)*sin(Pi*x)  and I want to:

Create an animation to illustrate the differences between line thicknesses and then after the thicknesses, illustrate line styles. I also need to add the line thickness and style as text to the animations.

How would I go about doing this?


Let's say I have 2 functions, the first being y=sin^2(x) and the second one is y=e^(-x)cos(x). When I try to solve on Maple, it only gives me one intersecting point, while I would like to see ALL intersections between the 2 functions. How would I go about doing this?

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