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@Carl Love 

Oh, I see how to use the product() in this case. 

The hint for the question is to use the mul() but I can not find the document in the maple. 

And yes for n great that 0, the answer will be pi/2 and using for loop can prove that. 

Thanks for your reminder. I will try my best to solve my problem. Thank you. 

How I can the real number rather than RootOf? Thank you!@Carl Love 


But I got this error when I run the code 

Error, invalid input: rhs received [{x = 0, y = -1}, {x = 0, y = 3}, {x = -2/3, y = -1}, {x = -2/3, y = 3}][j], which is not valid for its 1st argument, expr

Could you please help to sort it out? Thank you! 

Appreciate you have helped me several times! 


Thank you so much!!!! 


@nm Great! Thank you.

@acer Really good explanation and really useful. Thank you so much!!!! 

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