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These are questions asked by djc


The command coulditbe works incorrectly with abs:



 It is OK.




I get an error message when I evaluate this line:


Error, (in PDEtools/sort_as_in) sort: 2nd argument must be a function that always returns true or false

I don't know what the problem is with this line. I have Maple 12.

Have you got any idea?



I thought before that &where is not  a keyword, but I don't understand the difference here (I found &where in the solutions of pdes):

f1:=a &where b;

it gives me {b}

f2:=a &something b;

gives me simply b

I don't find any information on &where in the help.










This problem arised in a math forum.

I would like to check wether the consecutive digits of a given positive integer (n) are in the first 100000 digits of Pi.

For example the given integer (n) = 1592653 and this is in 3,1415926535897.... so the result is true.

I also would like to use this pattern matching for checking the type of a variable in a procedure:

...end proc;

The procedure accepts n if n fullfils the condition above.

I have found this problem somewhere in a math forum: somebody wanted to simplify this expression ( I write it in maple syntax:, this was not a maple forum):


They tried with the simplify command of maple, but it didn't work, and they tried with Fullsimplify command of the other famous math program , and it worked. ( I haven't tried it.) The conclusion was that Maple couldn't do this job.

Actually Maple can do this job with radnormal:



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