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I was looking for a way to make maple assign an individual name to a list of values or equations. Say, for example, that you solve an equation with two solutions, and would like to make Maple assign the first solution to a name "A" and the second solution to a name "B" automatically. This would optimize a document I'm working on significantly. 

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Without any success, I've been trying to hide the input/code, such that only the output (moment and shear) diagram is shown. I've tried guides with Document Blocks method but all seem outdated, since they're referring to commands which don't seem to exist i.e. "collapse document block". I can't understand that there isn't some neat and user-friendly way to something as simple as show/hide the input, to make it more document-reader friendly? It seems the only way is to just hightlight the input and color it white, which isn't too viable long term. 

I hope you can help, it would be alot of help to me and my classmates. 
Kind regards and thanks for your time.


PS. Here's a picture of the input and diagram.

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