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That sounds like a way simpler and better idea, but how would I access each solution through indexing? I have no programming experience by the way.

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Thanks for the reply. I might now have been too clear as to what I was looking for in my previous comment. Take this list of points as an example.

I would like to assign the first point (0, 0) a name, let's say A, and the second point the name B automatically and so on. This way, in the following steps not shown, it wouldn't be necesarry to manually type in the points. Like assign A to first argument, B to second argument and so on. 

@acer thanks, ill look into it

@dharr Thank you so much!


thats true, but what's the difference between worksheet and document? And is there a way to hide specific inputs? By going to show/hide content and unchecking input, it hides all inputs on the whole page, which isn't ideal in my case. Am I doing something completely wrong/different than optimal? 

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