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@Carl Love 

 I expect this range of answers ,omega is frequency and it could be complex or imagenary .

By which numerical techniques can find the solution? could you guide me?
"DirectSearch (a third-party add-on package) " how can I install it ? does maple18 support it?




M[2,6] contains a function call to BesselN. Did you mean BesselJ or BesselY or such, instead?

yes , (BesselN) i mean BesselY.



n is the order of bessel function.

for each n , det[M]=0 have to solved for omega as function of k. .. like :   omega=f(k)

once for n=0, next for n=1 or 2. 



c := 3*10^8;

`ωp` := 5*10^6;

epsilon0 := 8.85*10^(-12);

`ϵg` := 4*epsilon0;

mu0 := 1/(epsilon0*c^2);

`μg` := mu0;

a := 0.5e-2;

b := 1.2*a;





only k and omega are unknowns. others are constants.

sorry, i forgot these:


`ϵp` := epsilon0*(1-`ωp`^2/omega^2);

t0 := (mu0*omega^2*epsilon0-k^2)^(1/2);

tg := (mu0*omega^2*`ϵg`-k^2)^(1/2);

tp := (mu0*omega^2*`ϵp`-k^2)^(1/2);


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