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Yes, Sir.
and Thanks.

@Doug Meade 

I have the same error "bad id".
I ran many times this code but never recieved such error.
the bad id refres to Array or table index?
Code includes some loops which solves an array of equations and then after passing some conditions saves solutions in another arraies in mpl and txt files.
If uploading of code is necessary, let me know .


I appreciate the comprehensive explanation. It enlightens me about some details of Maple and also my problem. You are right, I have to investigate the equations again.


Thanks . It realy helps me.
Digits=30 ! Does it make more precision in calculations?

I use for loop to find all possible solutions along assuming range. If a more optimized way is possible (instead of for loop), please let me know.

As I said, I have a huge array of equations like Eq(100,100,5) or even more elements. I need to for example Eq1,1,1 to Eq50,50,5 refer to one core and the rest refer to other core. Each equation is independent of others.

Processor and RAM config:
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4200U CPU @ 1.60GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.3GHz
Memory: 8192MB RAM
Available OS Memory: 8076MB RAM

Thanks a lot

@Doug Meade 

I learned new things from your answer and code.

and again thanks.


But I mean numerical integral with respect to y not completely numerical answer. I need to obtain an equation respect to x.
The main integration is parametric but I can't calculate it, so I thought perhaps if I replace values in equation, and remain 2 variable it is easier to get an answer.

and again thank you for your help.


You'r right. It seems more investigation about equation is necessary.


@Thomas Richard 


Thanks all. Your notes realy help me.


@Carl Love 

Thank you.

please paste your code leads to this result because I must repeat this equation many times for other values .


@Carl Love 


I installed DirectSearch and used it ,but again error occurs:

DETM2 := Determinant(M2);
omega := x+I*y;
DirectSearch-SolveEquations([evalc(Re(DETM2)), evalc(IM(DETM2))], {x = -1.4*10^10 .. 4*10^10, y = -1 .. 1}, AllSolutions, solutions = 10);

Error, (in DirectSearch:-Search) cannot find feasible initial point; specify a new one

what are the conditions of initial point?



thanks. i fixed it.





BY this answers:

you'r right. it is zero! but even zero can be a true answer of my problem.  I need to change some of constants so the answers will change or perhaps will not change, it is a result of my study. in addition I have some of  equations like upper equation with higher order of bessel functions. so finding a reasonable way to solve this equation is very usefull for me.



@Carl Love 

Thank you very much .

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