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[[ All you have to do is create a .htaccess file in the directory and include appropriate AddType lines to this file. ]] Ha ha. Is that humor? I believe the default (at least for the Apache web server) is to IGNORE .htaccess files, unless authorized in the config file. So you can TRY it and see if it works. But if not, then you have to find who has control of the web server configuration, and get them to change something. --- G A Edgar
...and is that the correct one ... application/maple ...? There is a really old web page: http://www.math.sc.edu/~meade/maple/www.html that recommends application/maple-v-r4 but of course that was a long time ago. --- G A Edgar
Maybe what David is asking is: "If I upgrade from OS 10.3 to 10.4, will Maple 9 stop working?" I cannot answer that directly, but I do know both Maple 9.5 and 10.0 work with OS 10.4.2. [I didn't keep Maple 9.0 on my disk, so I cannot try it now.] --- G A Edgar
One of the items listed for the new 10.01 version is improved 9.5 compatibility. I don't know any more about that. --- G A Edgar
But there are no attachments when adding a comment to an existing Forum post. --- G A Edgar
I also tried it as a new blog. Same thing. I am using a Mac. Is there something different about the result of pasting? --- G A Edgar
Same problem replying here... When I paste in the HTML and try to preview, I get "Terminated request because of suspicious input data." --- G A Edgar
OK, I got the sig. So it doesn't go into posts that start a subject, or blogs, but only replies (comments)? G A Edgar
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