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By default Maple labels vertices 1, 2, ...  and places these numbers within a circle making the position of the vertex.  Can one change the labels to, say, v1, v2, ... and place these outside the circles?  ..................Edgar

I asked a question about importing a matrix with symbolic entries the other day.  Just got email saying there had been a reply.  But I can't find my question or that reply!  ............Edgar

I have a file consisting of


a b

b a


I want to read it into Maple and convert to a 2x2 matrix.  This will be trivial to most of you, but it isn't to me!  Thanks for some help.  .........Edgar

I would love to produce a fixed double cone but a movable plane so I could illustrate the various kinds of conic sections which are the intersection of the cone with the plane.  I would think this has been done, but I can't find and haven't been able to make much progress myself.  .......Edgar

Maple 13 help describes at least two ways to invoke classic maple, one, for example, through the Windows start - all programs -> Maple 13 .  But there sure is no classic Maple option there.  Where is Classic Maple?  ..........Edgar


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