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This is a “feature in progress”. The MapleSim interface does not support expandable connectors. The MapleSim engine, however, is capable of handling them. If you have a Modelica model that uses this feature, it should work as long as you run the Modelica model directly (i.e. not building up the model through the MapleSim interface). If that doesn’t work, please contact Maplesoft Technical Support to let us know, so we can investigate.

We are working on adding support for this feature to the MapleSim interface later this year, which will make this process much more seamless.

It's a few years old, but I think you might find this useful as a starting point. It's a tips and techniques article on creating Maple documents.


As for document blocks, I find that they are good to have because the make document mode work nicely - all those context menu operatoins remain hidden, but we've found that there are very few times when they need to be manipulated manually. The only case I can think of is if I want a result appearing in the middle of sentence. For general readabiltiy, collapsed sections, code edit regions, buttons, and startup code do a good job keeping stuff hidden but accessible.


This should not happen (obviously). It could be a problem with your installation. I know tech support has been in touch. They will work with you to straighten this out.


The student verison of Maple contains the full mathematical engine as the standard version, so you should certainly have the Statistics package.

You can get a list of all packages from the Tools menu by selecting Tools>Load Package>List All Packages..., or by  entering ?index,package.



I tried out a few different versions. The problem you report seems to have been fixed in Maple 9 (and beyond). In Maple 7, try replacing the if statement with the `if` operator `if`(FAIL, 3, 5) This seems to work okay, even in Maple 7. Eithne
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