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Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences. It is always useful for use to learn what people expect vs. what they experience. Even when Maple can do the things they are asking for, it’s also important to know which features users are finding and which they aren’t.  While we cannot promise that we will make all the changes you suggest exactly as you suggested them, we are looking at all your comments carefully to see how we can improve things.

Here are a few more things you might find useful:

  • You can convert text to math using the context menus. Select the math expression from your text, and select Convert to>2-D Math. 
  • As someone mentioned, you can enter a new, non-executable math expression by using Shift+F5 to get into math mode instead of F5. Similarly, you can convert executable math to non-executable math by highlighting it and then pressing Shift+F5
  • You can use Ctrl+Delete to remove the pink error messages and other more “stubborn” worksheet elements.

Thanks again for the feedback.

Oh, that's nice. Most likely I saw it at the time, but I had forgotten it was there.  I was treating this problem as a puzzle I wanted to solve myself, for fun, so I didn't look for other solutions first.  Glad to see I was right about the graph theory!

No, there were no changes in that area for this release, so the behaviour is the same for now.

We have now released an update that fixes this problem. See http://www.mapleprimes.com/posts/202314-Mac-OS-X-1011-Now-Supported for details.

We have now released updates to Maple 2015 and MapleSim 2015 that fix these problems. See http://www.mapleprimes.com/posts/202314-Mac-OS-X-1011-Now-Supported for details.

We have now released an update that fixes this problem. See http://www.mapleprimes.com/posts/202314-Mac-OS-X-1011-Now-Supported for details.


Yes, we are working on a solution now. It should be ready in a few weeks.

@Markiyan Hirnyk 


This functionality (displaying the steps in the worksheet after the tutor is closed) was added in Maple 17. In older versions of Maple, you can use the ShowSolution command instead.


If you’re interested in comparisons, you could visit the How Does Maple Compare page on the Maplesoft web site. Among other things, you’ll find a technical paper giving a detailed comparison of Maple and Mathematica.  Obviously, I’m not claiming that this is a 3rd party, independently produced comparison, but I think you would find it useful in identifying some of the differences between the two products.


eithne (Maplesoft)

I was just reminded of yuletide.mw 

(Thanks to Doug Harder, I believe, for the Maple port of this "classic" C code.)

Since The Mobius Project content resides in the MapleCloud, the MapleCloud Terms of Use apply. You can find those terms here: http://www.maplesoft.com/cloud/terms.aspx

We'll look into ways to make this more obvious. Thanks for pointing it out.


@mehdi jafari 


Sorry about that. The link has been updated.




You were wondering about buying old manuals. The Maple 16 manuals are available on our web store today, for anyone who wants to pick up a set.  Once Maple 17 comes out, we’ll look at how many copies of the Maple 16 manuals we have left, if any, and decide then what to do with them.  Selling them at a discount may be an option, though it's too early to promise anything.

In case you are interested, you can by a new copy of First Leaves on Amazon for under $4!



@Markiyan Hirnyk 

Sorry I missed this.

In general, it is not currently possible to view Maple T.A. questions outside of Maple T.A.  However, some of the content on the T.A. Content Center does include a PDF preview which show sample questions.  For example, this course, http://www.maplesoft.com/tacontent/view.aspx?SID=140635, has a preview document that includes sample quizzes, where you can see some of the questions.

The example you found is actually something different. It's a "Tips and Techniques" document, and not a preview of a question bank or course module containing Maple. T.A. questions.


The shipped version of Maple 16 does include hardcover manuals. They can also be purchased separately for those who have access to Maple already but want the manuals.  (The manuals are also available electronically - both inside the help system and as PDFs which can be downloaded from our Documentatation Center.)

The Personal Edition is availble for qualified individuals. Here are the details.



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