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Just check my wn personal website, which I could NOT list in the "Personal Web Site URL:" field, for some reason: http://www-rohan.sdsu.edu/~sanche94/

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Hello. I am interested in displaying the content of data structures, which has me using the command interface, to instruct for a wider visibility of these.

However, when I typer and execute the command, it simply does not take effect at the first execution, but it requires for me to re-execute it, in order for it to actually display the proper result.

Any explanation for this? To be more specific, this is what I want to instruct:

Hello! Firt time in this amazing website, from which I have gotten may useful responses in the past!

Please excuse any "misbehavior". Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

My question is about theu use of arrays. Specifically, I want to beable to collect matrices in an array. With collect I mean to do something like this:

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