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I have a system of 14 dae that I solve using method=mebdfi but when it comes to extracting numerical values and plotting my solution I get stuck.

The error I get is Error, (in unknown) unable to integrate past 0.36509631e-3: convergence could not be achieved with stepsize at minimum

Dear everyone,

I would be vey glad if you could help me in this.

I have a set of 12 odes. I solve for the 12 dependent variables using dsolve, numeric and then plot their solutions using odeplot. When I omit my highly nonlinear elastic force terms, everything is ok. However, when I include the elastic force terms, dsolve seems to work fine and yield a result, but I cannot substitute the solution coming from dsolve,numeric back into the dependent variables. I get the message "global 'x' must be assigned to a numeric value before obtaining a solution".

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