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Dear @Preben Alsholm  @Carl Love can you help me

@Preben Alsholm : ya S=s can be negative or positive', also epsilon[1] and A may choose negative or positive also., x range {-2 to 2}...


thanks preben , it would be helpful if @Preben Alsholm  help me on this double loop at t=0 only  and then plot parameter omega and x (on x-axis vs  diff (u(x,0),xxx) on y-axis. Please help me 

@Carl Love


@Carl Love and @Preben Alsholm , can you help me?

@Kitonum  i wonder how they can get the solutions.. any suggestons?andersson2006.pdf


@faisal Some example streamlines from paper article

can you help me @Preben Alsholm @Carl Love ​​​​​​​@tomleslie ​​​​​​​for above problem ode bvp

Thnk you Prof  @tomleslie

@Markiyan Hirnyk 

thnks for reply

i have attched the paper

@acer very helpful.do you have email?

@acer tq .. thnks alot

@tomleslie nice! so fast the convergence? what type of processor did  u use to run the program?

@Carl Love thnk you for the reply..btw you are PHD student? Professor? DR?

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