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I'm importing some other modelica models from other softwares (like open-modelica and dymola) inside maplesim. I can work in a full compatible code, except for the lookup table. Some of the models I'm importing as a library uses the standard lookup tables (not the ones given by maplesim) - I tried to run those standard lookup tables (from the modelica library) in maplesim, but it does not work.


Is there a way to solve...



I'm trying to increase the number of parameters in the maplesim optimization template (nowadays we have six parameters)


I have a problem where I need to tune a model and I have more parameters -

How can I increase the number above six?

I would like to know if it´s possible to generate a standalone .exe program based on Maplesim models, to be used out of maplesim and integrated with other tools i have.

I can use compilation in maplesim, but this just speed up the simulation, without giving to me a compiled external code.

I´m having to export maplesim modelica model to openmodelica environment, and generate an exe code there. the input and output parameters are transformed into text...

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