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How I can show function w, on the 3d surface?

I want to show w (a function that shows mode shape or shows boundary condition) on the surface of the following plot3d?

This function changes the coordinates of some points and creates a different shape. this behavior occurs when geometry experiences some vibrational behavior.



Why Float(undefined) appears in calculation integrals


Calculation of these integrals takes much time.

Is there a way to reduce the time?



How I can edit and apply the following conditions to my plot functions 

`######   I want to change q  (starting from 0.3) from 0.3 by .001 to 0.377 and plot 2D (u-q) ,(v,q), (u,v) and  plot3D (u,v,q)`


`######   I want to change q (starting from 0.37727) from 0.37727 by .001 to 0.390059 and h from 0.1 by .001 to 0.138462  and plot 2D (h-q)  and  plot3D (u,h,q),(v,h,q)`

I couldn't attach my file here, so I uploaded that here



How I can determine coefficiants a0,a1,a2,b0,b1,b2?



Maple Worksheet - Error

Failed to load the worksheet /maplenet/convert/equation.mw .

Download equation.mw

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