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I'm trying to solve the following


> de := proc (omega, l, M) options operator, arrow; diff(y(r), `$`(r, 2))+(2*r-2*M)*(diff(y(r), r))/(r*(r-2*M))+(omega^2*r^2/(r-2*M)^2-l*(l+1)/(r*(r-2*M)))*y(r) = 0 end proc;

I was wondering if anyone knew of a solution to this: when you plot multiple curves on the same axis with Maple and specify the colors=["blue","red",.....] etc, the ordering is not preserved, Maple seems to just match whichever color to whichever function it pleases. This is v.annoying, surely there must be a way to get around this?



I was wondering if it is possible for me to generate plots from command-line Maple. What I need to do is access a linux server remotely via PuTTy and then set Maple running on creating a plot (that takes it a couple of days). Is it possible to do this?

I can't seem to find out how after googling for a while, I was thinking it would be something like "maple <inputfile.mpl> outputfile" on the command-line then I'd just let it go and it...



I have been defining a function:




for some reason when I call this function and pass it values say f1(0.1,2,3) Maple is unable to return me an answer, it just spits back the unevaluated inert integral with the values of the parameters inserted.


However, I know that Maple can do this integral if I just input :



I've been using Maple 13 installed on Ubuntu 10.10, but noticed some issues with 3d plots, Maple does not allow me to rotate and drag around 3d plots as it does on my windows 7 boot on the same machine, instead it struggles to even do the 3d plot in the first place and then usually crashes on trying to rotate it.

Also I occassionally get empty GUI boxes when I go to save as etc, instead of any content just a gray pop up box.



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