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I am doing some complicated computations in Maple, and I noticed something was wrong. For some reason, Maple makes the sum of 1 a zero, although he knows that it is a 1.

this is the code:


I am using the LinearAlgebra package, and I am dealing with very big square matrices (almost a hundred rows and columns).  They have a lot of eigenvalues, with high multiplicity.  

I am performing operations on the eigenspaces.  So what I would need is a matrix with as columns a basis with eigenvectors for a very specific eigenvalue.

I can of course use SubMatrix(Eigenvectors[2],....) but that would take ages and Eigenvectors gives the eigenvalues in an ever changing order.


I am trying to work with nested procedures, and I am getting weird results.  Maybe I am going crazy, or I am doing something wrong, or this is just a bug.

I've reduced the problem to this:


suppose I have two (or more) different matrices, not necessarily with the same number of rows but with the same number of columns.

I know I can use RowSpace in the LinearAlgebra package to obtain the RowSpace of one matrix, but I would like to consider the intersection. Is that possible?

(In fact, I am particularly interested in the vectors in that intersection that only take the values zero and one, or in other words: all non-zero entries of which are equal. Would there be a trick for that?)


Many thanks!


by the way, is there a nice way to copy the output (those arrays) and paste them into something like notepad? I'm really having a hard time (notepad just treats it as an image or something like that).



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