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I have another question for you.

I am trying to design an exercise where people would have to look at points and then connect some of them.  It would be great if my points (for which I want to use pointplot) would have some sort of name next to them.

I actually want to make a loop creating those points, so inserting the "i" in that name would be really great.

Is this possible? (Maple help seems to say no)

Many thanks,




Hello, first post here, thanks for letting me on the forum. I am trying to visualize fourier approximation. This means that I want an animation of the several functions I get (the first only uses cos(x) and sin(x), the second one also uses cos(2*x) and sin(2*x)...) I managed to do this: [quote] restart;with(plots):f:=piecewise(-Pi
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