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Is it possible for Maple to remove non-linear terms from an equation? I want to use taylors therom on F(V+v, S+s) and get the answer back without its non-linear terms. (N.B. V,S are constants and v,s are variable) cheers gillersuk
I'm trying to write a document in Maple 10 that includes some ODEs. I want these to be either text or math inputted in the form dV/dt = V [f(S)-r] (where V is a function depending on t and f is a function dependent on S that I want to introduce later in the document). It would be good if they could be inputted in math form so that they have labels but ideally i want them in a clear non-Maple form like above rather than somthing like V'(x)= V(x)*[f(S) - r] which is what I keep getting (or other similar things like it including Maple solving V'(t) and outputting zero which is not at all what i need)
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