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@Carl Love 

Thank you very much!

@Carl Love 

OK, thanks a lot. I'll try a newer version of maple, as soon as possible.

But let me ask you a similar question about the same problem in 3D. COnsider the same set of ODEs. How can I extend your answer in 3D. I tried to do it myself. Somethings are easy to extend, but I don't understand how should I change 

arctan(diff(y(t),t)*(Zmax-Zmin), diff(z(t),t)*(Ymax-Ymin))

into 3D. Would you please guide me?

Please see this mapleprimes3d.mw

@Carl Love 

yes, of course!

@Carl Love 

Hi Carl! But the result didn't change! Again all the arrows are towards right

@Carl Love 

The option eval[recurse], does not exist in my maple help. Do I have to install a new version of maple now?

@Carl Love 

Why I obtained such a figure?


All the arrows are to the right side of the figure. 

I use maple15. Maybe it is the problem?

@Carl Love 

Yes, you are right, it is an ODE instead of a PDE. And many thanks for your guide. Let me think about it more. If there is any problem I write it here. Regards 

@Carl Love 

Hi, thanks for your reply. But how can I apply your suggestion in my work? (Please see mapleprimes.mw)

As you can see I have solved a system of PDE. Then for two sets of arbitrary initial conditions I have plotted two curves (the red curve and the blue one) . I don't have the equation of these trajectories or I don't know the form of the related fnctions (they are not as simple as f:=x->x^2) , then I can't define xmin, xmax, ymin, ....

I appreciate if you can guide me


Hi! I applied arrows=slim, but I can't find any difference. Also, I need small arrows on my curves in the fieldplot. (please see the attachment, I mean the red and blue curves)


Thanks for your reply. But, my problem is something else. If you see my uploaded file, you find that I don't know the equation of the trajectories exactly. Because I have obtained and plotted them using DEplot. How can I use your commands in my work?

Thanks a lot 


Thanks, but let me explain more. I have a field plot. I can illustrate a few specific trajectories in this field plot. I exactly want to show the direction of the trajectories with small arrows on them. Please see the attachment.



Dear Kitonum

Thanks, but I need just a small arrow on the main curve, not a distinct plot for arrow


@Carl Love 

Sorry. It was my mistake. I confused you. You just forgot { } within ( ). 


@Carl Love 

Thanks, but I found my mistake myself. (I'm not professional but I know the difference between semicolon and colon ;) )

I have to use 

display({a1, a2});

to plot both figures. 

Thanks a lot!

@Carl Love 

I have already used the command display in the attached file, but it does not merge the two graphs. Why?  

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